BitDefender Key

When you purchase a BitDefender product, you will receive a BitDefender key or license key that you will use to register it. Customers need to follow certain steps for the BitDefender registration process.

You need two main steps to perform in the registration process. The first step is the product registration and the second step is the online registration.console_update1
The Product Registration Process

The product registration process would require the use of the BitDefender key acquired during the purchase of the product. You will use the BitDefender key for product activation. This will turn the 30-trial days product into a registered version of BitDefender. Here are the steps you need to perform in the product registration process:
1.    Check the date and time settings of your computer. You need to make sure that your computer has the correct date and year. Open the BitDefender program;
2.    Click on the General tab on the left portion of the window and then click on the Registration option at the top;
3.    Click on the Enter new key… button. This will open the registration form. This is where you need to input the BitDefender key or serial number in the text boxes specified on the window.
4.    Type the BitDefender key and then click on the Register button. One can find the key in the product registration card or CD-ROM label. You can also retrieve it from the purchase confirmation E-mail. The BitDefender key is composed of 20 characters that include numbers and letters.
5.    Check important details such as the Product ID and the expiry date of the product within BitDefender.
The BitDefender website also provides a video demonstration on how to go about the product registration process.
The Online Registration Process

The online registration process will associate the BitDefender key with your contact information in the BitDefender website.

This will let you receive notifications and information about special upgrade offers, access to BETA versions, discounts, priority technical support and other benefits. You can register online by following these steps:
1.    Open the BitDefender program;
2.    Click on the General tab and then click on the Registration option at the top portion;
3.    Click on the Online Registration button. This will open up a web form;
4.    Fill in your contact details (E-mail address and name). Click on the Next button;
5.    Enter your BitDefender key and then click on the Next button. There will be a message that will inform you that a confirmation E-mail has been sent to the provided E-mail address;
6.    Check your inbox for the confirmation E-mail from BitDefender. Once you have found it, open it and click on the BitDefender account confirmation link included in the E-mail. You can then confirm and enable your BitDefender account.
There is also a video demonstration of the online registration process available on the BitDefender website.
BitDefender makes the registration process fast and easy for customers. If you have questions regarding the BitDefender key and other issues, you can check out the knowledgebase on the BitDefender website, which contains a collection of articles about common BitDefender issues.