BitDefender Slows Windows

Of course, just like every other commodity we know, BitDefender antivirus tools have their own flaws as well. One of the most common grievances against the suite was that BitDefender slows Windows down, or an equivalent effect.

Softwin promises its BitDefender suite of antivirus applications to be the one-stop shop for all your computer protection needs. Indeed, many online reviewers and testers have placed Softwin’s BitDefender on top of their best-performing antivirus lists, even garnering editor’s choice awards in the process. However, being an imperfect product, there are certainly a few kinks in the antivirus armor that have to be contended with, and these include performance issues like creating huge demands on system resources , BitDefender slows Windows, and the like.
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Computers slowing down may very well be BitDefender’s weak point. Fortunately, these “BitDefender slows Windows” issues are limited to specific versions of BitDefender’s antivirus suite, especially BitDefender version 2008 Client Security. This version perhaps garnered the most number of frowns on online forums and user help communities, and spawned a huge number of suggestions turning the version of in personal computers wherever they are installed.

Yet there are numerous alternative explanations for the slow performance of computers, and BitDefender may be one of those factors. Sometimes the settings are configured in such a way that BitDefender scans large portions of data while the operating system is concurrently multitasking a lot of programs. Sometimes it could be the user’s fault: opening up many programs at the same time while BitDefender performs a back-up check of the system. Either way, it is clear that BitDefender may not be the sole cause of the performance let-down.

To cite some examples. A complainant claimed that version 10 of BitDefender slowed down his computer to a significant degree. After trying to reconfigure some system files (like renaming a file according to the support guide), it ran quicker for a few minutes but then froze again for 10 minutes or so. It turned out that the BitDefender scanning firewall used up 98% of the computer’s resources, definitely slowing the operating system down.

Again, the BitDefender slows Windows problem may come from many programs and processes being executed in the computer all at once. Unbeknownst to the user, his personal computer may have two antivirus applications working at the same time. That will undoubtedly increase consumption of CPU resources.
Power users may be disappointed if they’ll use BitDefender’s 2008 edition. Some complain that, when a BitDefender firewall is turned on, games that are concurrently launched load anywhere from 1 minute to 4 minutes, instead of the usual 30 seconds loading time. When users tried to uninstall BitDefender from their systems, their computers worked at just the right speed they had when BitDefender wasn’t installed yet.
Others complained of having snail PCs once they installed the 2008 version, nitpicking everything from uncertain E-mail reception to creating huge CPU resource consumption rates.

As we discussed before, there are simple solutions for nixing BitDefender’s performance issues. One way to eliminate the “BitDefender slows Windows” complaint is to put in additional RAM in your computer. Others include trying to uninstall redundant programs in the system, closing other unneeded programs when a total computer scan is ongoing, and trying to configure the scan properties in such a way that large portions of files, unneeded folders, and archived files are left out in the scanning process.

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