BitDefender Trial Download

You should try the free BitDefender trial download so you will see the superiority of the BitDefender over other security software.

Choosing the efficient security software suite for your business’ computer systems is essential if you want your company to have protection from security attacks that are a daily threat in today’s online business environment. These security threats can come in the form of computer hacking, viruses, spamming, spyware, and other malicious software and online security threats to your computer systems.bitdefender-total-security_17

One of the leading security software solutions available in the market today is the BitDefender line of security software. The SOFTWIN Group of Companies based in Bucharest, Rumania, is the creator and developer of the BitDefender software line.

Getting a BitDefender trial download will enable you to try out the capabilities and features of this software and it will help to make up your mind to purchase the paid version of the BitDefender.

The BitDefender main website of has several affiliate websites that offer a BitDefender trial download of 30 days free trial depending on the specific website. Among the affiliate website is

The site offers a free 30-days trial of several versions of the BitDefender anti-virus software suite. Several of the versions offered as free trial by the site are the BitDefender AntiVirus 2009, the BitDefender Internet Security 2009, and the BitDefender Total Security 2009.

The BitDefender main website also offers free downloadable editions of the BitDefender, which are the BitDefender Free Edition for virus scanning, the BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition, and the BitDefender Chat Encryption.

Although there are many features of the free BitDefender trial download version, it is still preferable if you purchase the commercial or paid edition because the free version is only capable of on-demand scanning for viruses and other security threats. This means that the free version will only perform its scanning operations if you manually start the scanning.

The BitDefender free version cannot automatically initiate and perform its scanning operations like scheduled automatic tasks to scan, detect and remove viruses and other security threats. Hence, it cannot provide real-time scanning of your computer if it has a continuous online connection, which is very critical if you want your Internet-connected computers to be safe from online viruses and other security threats.
However, getting the free BitDefender trial download will introduce you to the capabilities of this software suite and its advantages over other brands of security solutions software that are currently available in the market today. When you have experienced the security protection offered by the BitDefender free version, then you will surely appreciate how much more protection you will get if you purchase the BitDefender paid versions. You can visit the website of and find out the appropriate BitDefender software that you need for your business.

Therefore, if you want to purchase the latest version of the BitDefender antivirus software suite, you should try to download first the free BitDefender trial download so can you try for yourself the superior capabilities and features of this amazing security solutions software package.