BitDefender Update

One of the biggest reasons that makes this antivirus software so popular is all of the constant BitDefender update downloads that are constantly being offered and available. There is a new BitDefender update available every few weeks in order to keep your software up to date as much as possible. This is great news in order to avoid picking up the newest and most dangerous viruses and other malicious applications that can very easily be picked up online.

bitdefender console update

bitdefender console update

One of the most recent updates available for BitDefender is a free disinfection tool available for one of the most difficult and harmful viruses to ever come onto the market. The Downadup, also known as the Conficker or Kido has been around since November of 2008. The more recent versions of the virus are able to block it’s infected pc from being able to access updates from the internet which make antivirus software useless against it as they are not able to download updates for getting rid of this virus. BitDefender is the first to offer a free tool which is able to disinfect all versions of Downadup.

There are various others available as a BitDefender update. If you have any of the following BitDefender software, then you need to know about the regularly available BitDefender update options available as well as how to regularly get them.

They are available for the following types of BitDefender software:

  • Total Security 2009
  • Internet Security 2009
  • Antivirus 2009
  • Total Security 2008
  • Internet Security 2008
  • Antivirus 2008
  • Internet Security V10
  • Antivirus Plus V10
  • Antivirus V10

Downloading these BitDefender update options is simple. Here is the basic outline for doing so:

  1. Start by opening BitDefender and click update.
  2. Click on the settings option.
  3. Configure the Update location settings (2009 versions come with two update locations which allows one of them to point to a local mirror.)
  4. Configure the automatic update options by selecting automatic check for updates to find out when updates are available. This will cause the software to check for updates every 1 hour.
  5. Simply click apply to save the settings. Click default to restore the default settings if you so wish.

Once you are finished, any BitDefender update that becomes available will be instantly downloaded and applied by the software without any necessary input on your part. This allows the software to constantly stay on top of any and all new viruses that are discovered in order to provide the best possible security for you and your pc.