BitDefender VMware

If you are having problems in running the BitDefender VMware software and application, the problem could be software compatibility.

To be clear, BitDefender and VMWare are different and separate software products but for the sake of argument, we can combine these two terms and call it as BitDefender VMware. Hence, what are exactly VMware and BitDefender and what is their relation?

VMware is a range of virtual machine (VM) software application developed by VMWare, Inc., which has headquarters in Palo Alto, California. A virtual machine is a software implementation of a computer or machine that executes and implements programs like a real machine. Simply put, a virtual machine acts and operates like a machine but the hardware part does not exist because the application or program is the one operating the computer.vmware_window

VMware is one the leading producers of virtual machine software applications. Three of the company’s leading VM software products for the desktop software type are VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, and VMware Player. VMware Workstation is one of the most popular VM software used by desktop computer users.

BitDefender is a range of security solutions software consisting of products used for homes, for businesses, and for Internet service providers. The SOFTWIN Group of Companies is the developer of the BitDefender line of security software.

If you have the BitDefender VMware software and application in your computer and use them at the same time, you will surely encounter some problems in operating them.

One of the common problems you may encounter in BitDefender VMware operations is that you cannot use the VMware virtual machine as long as the firewall tool of the BitDefender software is operational. However, the VMware VM will be operational if the BitDefender firewall tool is disabled.

In online discussion forums and blog forums, the problem of the VMware VM not functioning unless the BitDefender firewall function is disabled is the most common problem for users who have both the BitDefender and VMware software in their Internet-connected computers. Many of the users said that as much as they want to use the VMware virtual machine, the do not want to disable the BitDefender firewall since it could compromise the security of their computers.
Some of the solutions offered by the online forums were to disable the Stealth mode of the BitDefender firewall tool. You can do this by clicking on Firewall in the BitDefender interface, then click the Network Tab, then turn off the Stealth mode.

You should always remember that before you install software like BitDefender and VMware in your computer, see if they are compatible to use at the same and there will be no software compatibility issues.

It is important that you should carefully follow instructions when you separately install the BitDefender VMware software and application. If you still cannot solve the problem of using the VMware VM without disabling the BitDefender firewall, you should contact the respective customer care or technical support of the BitDefender and VMware products.

The respective customer care or technical support of the BitDefender and VMware will surely be able to help you on how you can troubleshoot the problems in simultaneously using both the BitDefender VMware software and application in your computer.